Отличительные особенности посуды Bohemia


The main feature of Bohemian glass is its uniqueness and high quality. Overflows of light when falling on it create a feeling that in the hands of a jewel with the thinness of the lines, and the elegance of which nothing compares. Aleks crystal bohemia crystal

Bohemia Crystal tableware and its advantage

Bohemian glass is always transparent, without the slightest particles and air bubbles inside. At the slightest touch, objects begin to give out the purest melodic sound. This is not only beautiful dishes, but also a sign of human status. After all, not everyone can afford to have such a luxury.

Bohemian glass has become more and more popular and valuable over the years. The technology of its manufacture is no longer considered a mystery, as in the old days, but still each master has his secrets. Many manufacturers are engaged in the creation of unique products from this glass. One of them is Bohemia Crystalite. The company has two directions of development:

• At the plant in Svetlo nad Sázávoy, the production of products is fully automated.

• The works are carried out using modern technologies. In another department, located in Strani, craftsmen make dishes using the technology of the 17th century by hand.

• Titanium is added to the glass for strength. It also gives a beautiful shine and a special structure.

Tableware and chandeliers produced at the enterprise can be both transparent and colored. Rules for choosing products Buying dishes made of Bohemian glass is important to understand how to determine its authenticity. Here you can use the following principles:

• Inside the glass should not be cracks or bubbles; If you fill the glass with wine, it will become transparent;

• On the surface there should be no defects and other shades of color, even if the glass is colored;

• The drawing, if any, should be clear, without blurred lines and streaks;

• When light hits, the glass refracts it in a special way, if the products are smooth or there is a special cut. A ray of light leaves on this Bohemian glass glare of all colors of the rainbow, which will be noticeable on all sides of the product.

Using these tips, you can make sure that the dishes are from the Bohemian stack and is not a fake.


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